Halong Service and Import Export Company (HALONG XIMEXCO) possesses 02 Fisheries processing plants and 02 Okonomiyaki production plants with the contingent of 1,500 labourers at high skills and enthusiasm for the aim at long term stability and development of the Company.

The main processed products such as: Frozen Okonomiyaki, octopus, shrimp, squid, fish, etc… are exported to Japan , Korea, China,…with annual turnover of USD million dozens.

Export markets





  USA and other markets



Yearly yield of export production:

  • Over 2,500 MT of frozen Okonomiyaki( Cakes stuffed with marine products).

  • Over 3,000 MT of various kinds of frozen processed seafoods.

Major products



  Octopus and squid


  Fish and other products


All products processed and produced by the company reach high quality and standards of food hygienic assurance.

Paying special attention to the target: “For the sake of stability and continuous development”, HALONG SIMEXCO always makes the best consideration of export market expansion and look for new reliable partners for the cooperation of investment in trading and production. This target has been defined as strategical orientation of the long term development of HALONG SIMEXCO especially in the field of frozen seafoods and foodstuffs exported to Europe, Northern America and North - Eastern Asia markets.



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